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So yesterday I went through and removed most people who aren't local to me OR generally haven't shown any interest whatsoever about the whole house thing, baby thing, dad's lawsuit/estate shenanigans or my part therein.

I didn't cut anyone out of distrust or to be mean. Pretty much everyone who was a duplicate here and on facebook was kept on facebook because that's where I tend to talk more about ME and less about everybody else in my family who wants to crawl up my ass and tell me what to do with my kid :P

Apr. 7th, 2009

Fat ass is fat
Please let me get a nice understanding interviewer for my unemployment call today

PS. Still waiting to hear from them.. I have 45 minutes until they're "late" calling. Know what? I don't care. Take your time and please don't feel I'm trying to rush you. Your job is super important and I know that. Why without you, *I* have no chance at my unemployment!

Mar. 28th, 2009

I just deleted 328 emails from gmail. I'm not even half done. Oh procrastination

btw, friend of mine who thinks she's funny apparently ordered me a set of dogtags made with the correct numbering and the name... Wolverine. I have yet to accept her challenge to go to the Origins movie with the white bleached into my bangs because I'm not THAT much of a nerd. yet
A HA..a ha...ha...

Birthday. Fuck it. Day is fired

My dad decides he'll be nice, he'll get me Wii controllers (wireless Les Paul even) for GHIII AND the games in that series (legends of rock, aerosmith and world tour). Badass right? Well, the generic Wii AV cables he bought me because Will forgot to put them in the coat pocket when he mailed my coat? yeah...dunno why but they're not working. I have the TV on Aux input, the Wii is connected. nothing. So he yells at me
Clearly, it's my fault.

It devolves into him telling me he wishes he hadn't even HAD kids, let alone me.

Best. Birthday. Ever.

If anyone needs me, I'll be sitting in the corner drinking vodka out of a 30 oz tumbler hoping I pass out soon

Dec. 17th, 2008

Well I thought I couldn't sound more like an idiot until the words, "oh my gosh! Good GIRL Emma! Good GIRL! You went potty outside!" exited my mouth at 11 pm while standing in the snow.

Well played, Kimberly Ann. Well played. Now I remember what potty training Mason felt like

Dec. 5th, 2008

Just found and applied for.. AND Monique is forwarding my resume to the recruiter..a job at Apple in the sales finance department as an admin. Who knows.

edit: also every OTHER job under the sun including the city of saratoga's city manager executive admin, admin to a fortune 500 company, admin assistant to vp of software startup... I have cast my net upon the waters. Luckily if I can find something out here even after I've moved and can find a place to live I will turn right around and come back

Dec. 2nd, 2008

Listening to Kristen Chenoweth singing "Do you hear what I hear?" and getting all misty eyed..

That woman has a voice that a huge amazing voice inside that tiny body

Dec. 1st, 2008

All I have
So I write letters..I wrote Will a letter saying I wanted to stay and work on us

I left it on his desk Saturday night. He read it yesterday (it wasn't in the trash..) and while at work from 11a yesterday to 3p today...he took it with him. Now I dunno...

I know tomorrow I'm going to flat out ask him if there's a chance. If will hurt but it will get dealt with accordingly.

If so, best christmas present..EVER mom let someone else adopt the rat terrier (the lady called the humane society who then let her call my mom..dunno...I guess she had been looking for a rat terrier desperately and he was still showing on petfinder..kid's hopes up or something. Not sure)

and so instead she contacted and reserved for me...
This little guy

Which..if things stay together, my father will pick up and bring out on the 12th when he uses his plane tickets. If not, I pick him up on the 15th.

Man I'm such a sucker for beagles.


Nov. 14th, 2008

Today is gonna be just great! My neck is wound so tight it burns from my right shoulder to the base of my skull and my right side of my head is throbbing.


Truly, this Friday is fired :P

I need a massage like whoa. Time to go looking up chair massage dates/locations

edit: POLLEN! POLLEN EVERYWHERE! At least now I know it's not entirely my neck causing my head pain


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